Amy Ness

Portrait painting of person with brown hair and big eyes stares with exposed neck background is pale pink on left and blue on right.

Homicidal Harriet   

Oil on canvas   


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-14


Homicidal Harriet is an oil that explores the darker side of perfectionism while dealing or grappling with the idea of innocence and beauty, and intersecting with themes of gender and systemic violence, power, politics, manipulation, ownership, competency, and capacity perception and vulnerability.


Amy Ness, is an aspiring cosmic feminist, student and self identified cis-gendered mad artist; an evolving film maker (see films: Homicidal Harriet 2021, How do you know Veronica cliff?, 2021 The Beast 2019 - in The International Rendezvous with Madness Film festival and Amy vs camh - 2009, (Amy fight) all viewed under Neo Noir films  or Amy Ness Productions, or all on Facebook under Amy Ness) who has studied various disciplines as a workman artist member since 2009.

Her medium is usually oils with emphasis on language and communication. As an ever evolving student of life, she is passionate about  language and how it manifests in our inner worlds, dialogues and relationships, that curiously deepens the symbolic meaning of being female and human and awake in the world in humorous fearless ways. By slowly uncovering “patterns”, facets of her identity and uncensoring herself by embracing her mental wellness/health in collective creative collaborations and emerging art expressions, her interdisciplinary transpersonal studies such as acting/writing, art, mindfulness, yoga, human artistic development are key facets in discovering joy!

After loss, trauma, medical, domestic and systemic abuses, gender violence, socio–political corruptions, and intergenerational traumas. It has spurred her to grow in radical ways that were once denied or subversively suppressed and subverted in a society that once misogynistically shunned women's minds, sexuality and their unique identities

Artist Facebook:
Amy Ness


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