Angela Walcott

Abstract painting of geometric shapes in off white, blue, rectangle dark mustard yellow shape right of center.

Future House

Acrylic on wood


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


Future House can serve as a representation of the future and also of the past. How we as a society are finding new ways to exist and co-exist in a world that is not what it used to be is at  the cornerstone of a continuous conversation. Future House builds on developing pathways to restoration. This tool can help us to bring our shared experiences together as we emerge through this pandemic pandemonium.

The objective to create a visual representation of whatthe future will hold is ultimately an important task for the viewer. ‘What will the future look like  and how will the communities situated within them interact with one another?’ are some good questions to consider as nations strive to navigate both honestly and respectfully, the difficulties associated with our times and how the approaching ‘future’ will ultimately sustain us when we are at our most vulnerable.


Angela Walcott is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist and arts educator. She has a broad  interest in sustainability, African-Canadian settlement/immigration patterns and community building. A variety of media helps to strengthen her narrative including found word art, collage, clay, textiles, watercolour and natural dyes. 

She has served as a jury member for the Workman Arts Mentor Selection Committee; a visual  arts youth mentor for Project Humanity (PH 1:1) in partnership with Covenant House. Angela  acts as a facilitator for Eco Art & Design: Reusing, Reducing and Upcycling Principles which is  part of a virtual workshop series. In partnership with Workman Arts and North York Arts satellite  program, the program aims to find creative solutions for waste management problems with an  artistic lens. 

Her visual art has been exhibited at YYZ Outlet, Project Gallery, Propeller Gallery, The Legislative Assembly and ‘The Gathering Divergence’ (a virtual exhibit).

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