Anna Camilleri

Carry Hold Release

Each aproximately 5" diameter

Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


Carry Hold Release is an aesthetic and discursive intervention into gender-based violence that I began developing while I was an artist-in-residence in the juried 2019 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency.

Activists and advocates and survivors and victims of gender-based violence are met with the demand for proof – proof that harm occurred and that change is necessary and that it will not disrupt anything or anyone. I offer no proof, no images of harm.

Carry Hold Release hinges on spaces and containments; something born of water, exoskeleton; something once present now gone; possibility; futurity. This installation is intended to carry intention; to receive what is let go of, to hold what is generative, to release what is not.

I invite you to select one sculpture to hold and consider what you carry and what you want to leave behind. Using your own phone or camera, I invite you to document this gesture of carrying/ holding/ releasing. There will be no record of this gesture except in your recollection and in the photographic remnant retained by you.


Anna Camilleri (she/ her) is a queer disability-identified artist who has been working with performance, image, and text for over 25 years. An interdisciplinary theatre artist and designer, her tactile and sculptural works are primarily expressed through more than 20+ public artworks. Her book works have been recognized with distinctions from the LAMBDA Literary Foundation, the Association of Independent Publishers, and the American Library of Congress. Anna is Artistic Director of ReDefine Arts.

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