Asma Sultana

The Alchemy of Losses

Fabric and Artist’s Hair
12”x16” (framed)


This piece titled ‘Alchemy of Losses’ revolves around the nature of physical and emotional displacement and how the things that I have lost and been deprived of have shifted my perspectives in recreating my identity in the crucible of life. Alienation, exile, migration, emptiness and void left by the lost dreams and recurring nightmare of the past and the future are some of the ingredients in the alchemy to achieve my own process of chrysopoeia: transmutation of losses into my artistic expressions, my own philosopher’s stone. This piece expresses multilayered feelings and experiences representing decades of my life in and away from my homeland.

The moments we define as our life in a continuum of time become significant as we weave our love around the people we care for and the way we share our stories in the fabric of life. In all intents and purposes my art as well as my process is autobiographical in its nature. Like a migratory bird though I have crossed many geographical boundaries flying high with my dreams, yet like a kite, I also feel the tug of my root. In this relentless struggle, I seek my own identity.

Asma Sultana is a Bangladeshi born British freelance visual Artist, currently living and working in Canada. After obtaining a Bachelor in Drawing and Painting from Bangladesh, she was trained in London and Toronto in Fine Arts and History of Art. As a freelance artist, Asma has organized solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Canada, England, India and Bangladesh. She uses the unique signature of her body to explore the identity in time and place. With the tip of her fingers, using her own hair and footprints, she imprints her emotions onto canvas, papers and fabrics to express the imitable chaos of her inner and outer world.

Asma Sultana will be exhibiting as part of the Diapause group show May 17 - 31. 


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