Barbara Szymanska

Inverted photograph of person laying on the ground with their body in fetal position.


2018, modified 2021


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


At the boundary where my eyes are, it appears as if there is a world out there, and another one in here.  I shuffle my legs forward but it could be a moving picture.  At moments I feel trapped inside of a shell, one with small holes that seem to open to "out there".  On the other, "inner" side, the immense.


Obsessively fascinated by this wondrous existence called life, focused on producing art that deconstructs and explores the age old question of what is consciousness, reality, relationship, and the ever elusive "I".

My first artistic education as a child was to deeply observe everything.  I spent huge amount of time in isolation and silence. I believe that this was the most crucial aspect which later shaped my meditative creative process while experimenting with various mediums and expressions.

Art makes us feel something.  It moves us.  It changes our outlook.  It digs itself far into our subconscious, into the world of archetypes, beliefs, symbols and associations. I enjoy creating work that i can communicate with, when there are no right words to articulate the truths of life.   Art at its best can communicate the truths of life, not just as facts, but as feelings, as a deep knowing which we recognize.  It is through that feeling that it touches our essence, and I am grateful that I am able to occasionally saturate in its timeless language, and from time to time frolic with others.


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