Brittany Newlove

Towards the Light

Inkjet prints mounted on alupanel

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The selected works center around the experience of seclusion and observation within domestic space. Through self-portraiture and still life, I utilize the medium as a tool to process and grasp my fixed, yet constantly shifting experience of isolation.

These images are records of timelessness experienced when forced to be solely by oneself. I also often turn towards the light and space around myself, observing the passage of time through the quality and space light occupies and the changes it brings. During this time, I act as a voyeur within my confinement as a practice of self care and creative exploration.


Brittany Newlove is a Toronto-based artist. Her work is primarily lens-based and she works in photography, video, installation and sculpture. Brittany's work is driven by personal narrative, interpersonal relationship development, and identity. She often uses herself as a subject and is interested in the relationship between self, object and gesture within the domestic space.

Brittany Newlove will be exhibiting as part of the Diapause group show May 17 - 31. 


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