Christine Alexandra Day Sherry

Rainbow Clusters

Watercolour with India ink


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


When I want to transcend to the realm of darkness, I think of additions I may add to the collection I call Christie’s Secret Garden. These are usually set against renaissance/studio lighting or in other words, the oblivion of a black backdrop, to represent the infinite horizon of a
pitch black night out on the open water. These colourful works are usually a depiction of crystalline structures with the semblance of
rainbow bejewelled treasures, candy land ideations of fantasy or elaborate and outright fictitious tropical plants that have been
suspended in the oblivion of space and time, arranged in some kind of repetitious pattern.

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Painting has been an important element in my life since I was child. I consider myself to be self taught, but I have worked in pottery studio and studied both cinema and theatrical arts at The University of Toronto.

I come from a long heritage of Newfoundlanders on my mother’s side and have always been fascinated by the experience of being on the water. As a result of this I often will meditate by the shore at sunset and return to my studio to reinterpret what I have just observed.

Expressing the natural world through art has always been something I have taken upon myself with great liberty, as I prefer abstract renderings over realism. As a genesis of these two forces over my work I often feel the need to visualize ideas twice, once by the light of day when muted tones are most iridescent, and also under the veil of night when primary colours are free to be their most saturate under the promise of a spotlight.

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