Christopher Dowdell

Long vertical painting of many white flowers in the fore and middle ground with evergreen and white barked trees in the background. Three chickadees are portrayed sitting on branches in the middle ground as one chickadee flies above..

The Return (Again)  

Acrylic & photo transfer on canvas (framed)
74x33 ”


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-28


The Return (Again), 2022, is another chapter in a reoccurring body of works that enlist the common North American Chickadee, a personal favourite I've always wanted to be. It's stylish cap and cloak in black and white, a playful and quick-witted, bold demeanor that one could watch for hours and not be bored. This work, like others in the series, anthropomorphize the songbird with self-reflective or social commentaries and narratives one might be less inclined to discuss without a guise.


My strength I feel is my creativity. Without it I might not be who I am today. Earlier in 2021 I was humbled when my creativity and the art that came from such was selected by Workman Arts as the Ica Pas Art Award Recipient, 2021. What followed was a much needed catalyst for my creativity. I have selected a work that showcases a playful glimpse of myself.

A special thanks for the ongoing support from family and friends, with a nod to Suzanne Fish who pushed me to apply for this award and brought life back to the creative that makes me, me.


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