Beaver Hall Gallery at 29 McCaul St
MAY 17 – 31

Gallery Hours: 2 to 8PM

Curated by Oliviana Cinco
The curated portion of Being Scene encapsulates the artist’s process of development, reflecting movement and stillness simultaneously in response to the adaptation of our ever-changing environment. Diapause, meaning dia- ‘through’ + pause (noun), describes a period of suspended development exhibited as a result of unfavorable environmental conditions. The curated exhibition features artwork by Workman artists Coley, Tina Guo, Paula John, Mustafa Khan, Brittany Newlove, Kat Singer, Asma Sultana and Jan Swinburne. Guest Curator Oliviana Cinco invites us to think of this year’s curated exhibit for Being Scene as an offering for self-reflection, as we continue to re-engage with the world and find new ways of connecting with ourselves and our communities.

The artists of Diapause will be on exhibit May 17 - 31.

CURATOR’S ESSAY (read here)


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