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In idle time, I voiced a verse. And, as the UNIVERSE directed, I spontaneously shared it in social media reels. Enchanted, but unsatisfied with the meager modifications I could make in those apps, I turned to a free video editor to see what might be. This tryst with technology has enlivened my love of language; rekindled my romance with writing; married my many modes; and, birthed my most current conception:  a series of “Voems”.

"Jonesing” is one of the first five short verses that took this form at the beginning of January 2022. The haiku, was originally inspired in 2009 by an office infestation and the cliquey culture that created; revisits a metaphor used in my school-day scrawls; and, was coaxed into this new form to reflect our current context.

Life is Art!


Mother Nature is my muse. And, Human Nature my master.  I see myself more as a conduit or translator of creative force rather than a creator. A tool of CREATION. And, I communicate the messages I receive in whatever form the UNIVERSE sees fit.  I am a storyteller unbound by any one particular mode of expression, spontaneously capturing the beauty and truths unveiled in my view, and seeking to share these visions with the world.

As a “Multidisciplinary CathArtist”, I explore literary; musical; visual; digital; and, performance art in various ways and combinations. A self-perceived, extreme manifestation of the human condition, with an energetic connection to natural creation. I feel everything deeply and am driven by a need to communicate, identify, explore, express, connect, share and promote things of true value.

Born in Toronto, I have observed the rapid changes of the past four decades from this urban metropolis. Drawing on my personal experiences in struggling with my own human condition and inherent philosophical conflicts with the state of society, I aim to remind all that we are A PART OF, not apart from, CREATION. To reveal the value in things that we have abandoned; forgotten; deemed bad; wrong; or, otherwise judge too harshly. To find and illustrate the positive purpose in all things and experiences.  All of my work is intended to provoke thought; evoke emotion; and move toward connection. My greatest goal is to be a channel through which Good Orderly Direction flows.

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