Grace Dam

Suited person with yellow tie holding a phone and notebook with unmade bed and lamp on beside table.

The Goodbye Girl

Oil on canvas


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28

Two people sitting on a bed near head board, one naked chest on their phone, the other is clothed sitting on sheets looking down at a cup.

Early Nightcap II

Oil on canvas


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


This series of figurative paintings explores humanity and their complex relationship, the connection between people in an interior landscape. Humans are complicated creatures with individuality and sensibilities, we need the social linkage and cannot thrive in isolation yet, often face challenges in our communication, particularly in modern time when technologies further complicate the fragility of this connection.

These paintings reflect a close intimacy between these protagonists in their private setting, they might be in conversation, or not. They are in a moment of time with little promises.


Art has been a lifelong passion; it is my voice and expression. My works are mostly in oil and acrylic but also other media; in genres that include figurative, landscape, abstract, still life and collages.

My current focus is on humanity and the complexity of life, from challenges in relationships to inter-connections between humans and our surrounding. Body language is the main theme as it is a companion to our vocal communication yet often betrays it. Portraiture, figurative works are an important facet of my study of our silent communication; my practice also expands to nature and our environment in landscape. I am a Toronto based artist, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with Ontario College of Art and Design University and Master’s degree in Fine Arts with Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, USA.

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