Ica Pas

Vertical painting of figure depicted in a cubist style with arms folded on lap. Figure is sitting wearing a blue dress.

Lady Sitting

Oil on board (framed)


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-28

Vertical Drawing of abstracted space and three abstracted faces. Most of the image is yellow with the writing "DADA" in red above.

Oct 10

Oil pastel on paper (framed)


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-28


The pieces selected represent Ica’s artistic journey from beginning to end in Canada.

Lady Sitting, 1978
This one off painting is an example of Ica’s early works where she played with colours and surrealist concepts. Painted on a plywood board, she often used recycled materials for her works which spoke to both the economic state and the enjoyment of working with these kinds of textures in her early pieces.

Oct 10, 2019
This piece is a sketch produced while at Mount Sinai hospital in 2019. She had been diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and a mental health disorder, however Ica continued to create art until she was no longer capable, often depicting haunting images that danced in her mind, looking for reason in numbers and coincidences. Ica was a steadfast, tenacious and talented artist until the end.


Ecaterina (Ica) Pascaluta (née Ciolan) born in Iași, Romania, January 28, 1931. 

Ica Pas began her journey as an artist in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, where she graduated from the Fine Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu” (now Bucharest’s National University of Arts), with a specialty in sculpture and graphic design. Throughout her career, Ica Pas also worked in several media including, painting, furniture, mosaics and mural design. She later turned increasingly to drawing and painting. She was greatly influenced by the Dada Art Movement which was evident in her work. She adhered closely to the tradition of modern expressionism, portrait and landscape painting, as well as abstract composition.

Not only did she create visual art, she also began studying piano at the age of 75 at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She often said that she was inspired to compose music during her stay at the Artscape Gibraltar Point on Hanlan’s, Toronto Island, where she saw the melodies unfold in the waves and in the Toronto skyline. Of her dozens of musical works, some were performed during her final weeks in palliative care before she passed away at the age of 89 at Bridgepoint in Toronto.

Artist Instagram: @ica_pas


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