About the “Ica Pas Artist Scholarship Award”

The “Ica Pas Artist Scholarship Award” has been created by Barbara Pascaluta in partnership with Toronto Community Housing Revitalization Team and Workman Arts. The purpose of the scholarship is to celebrate artists who use art as a way to overcome challenges in their life. This scholarship provides artists facing systemic barriers with financial, training, and showcasing supports to further advance their artistic careers. This scholarship is inspired by the life and legacy of Ecaterina Pascaluta “Ica Pas” and prioritizes uplifting and honoring artists and the power of art to highlight and overcome injustice, challenges, and barriers.

The recipient this year is Workman Arts’ member Christopher Dowdell who will be showing a current work at this year’s exhibition.

Being the first year, we are celebrating the inclusion of the “Ica Pas Artist Scholarship Award”, there will be works by the late Ecaterina Pascaluta “Ica Pas” exhibiting at Being Scene through April 1 – 28, celebrating her life and the opportunity this scholarship offers to artists at Workman Arts.

View ICA PAS artwork here



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