Jan Swinburne


Processed audio waveform capture, video
Silent seamless loop, variable cycles, according to viewers attention
$1,200 (customized iteration available upon request)


The moving image work Sonic Flight: Hover (in Place) is a seamless video loop. It is an iteration of captured audio of a war jet, transformed into a feathered, bird- like form. The work draws from harsh technologies of violence transformed to peaceable themes of: nature, culture and the spiritual significance of feathers and birds in many cultures.

During these last years of the pandemic, citizens of the globe have had to grapple with remaining in place. This experience has led to awareness of restlessness and stillness, often simultaneously. I believe this work captures the feelings that reflect our current global situation.


Jan Swinburne’s intermedia practice is process driven in digital and physical media. Her interests focus on pattern recognition as paths to meaning by materialized audio visualization, as objects and moving-image, in various forms of de/re/generation. Swinburne has screened in New York City, (Experi-MENTAL Festival 6), New Jersey (Filmideo/ Index Art Centre), Washington DC (RhizomeDC), and in Canada (MUFF, Vector, Art On The Screens, Trinity Square Video, Photophobia, Pleasure Dome TNW tour, Long Winter and more).

Jan Swinburne will be exhibiting as part of the Diapause group show May 17 - 31.



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