Kristen Stephen 

Vertical abstract image with black, pink, white and hints of blue.

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Inks and glitter on canvas


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-14


"Kristen Stephen is an abstract painter, who responds intuitively to her artistic materials, to create works that represent what she finds beautiful. In her series Glitter Magpie, she begins by dyeing her canvas with India ink, stretching it, then painting it with India ink, acrylic colours, and glitter, fixed with gel. “I find glitter seductive, and magpies are attracted to glitter,” she explains. “The black backdrop provides a harshness which organizes the colours and keeps them from floating off.” Painting for Kristen is an obsession, spontaneously arising from her subconscious. “I want to encapsulate viewers, and to transport them to a place of ease, through colour planes of glitter and softness.”

‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ is an abstract painting that is 30 x 40 inches and made with inks on canvas. The work was produced in 2021. ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ references the perspective of colours taking over our eyesight into a jumbled vision. I wanted the work to capture beauty in a soft and subtle magnitude.


Kristen Stephen was born in Amherst, New York, and moved to Canada when she was six years old. Kristen spent her teenage years in Niagara-on-the-Lake where she developed her interest in the arts working in her mother’s gallery. During her time at the gallery she met many Canadian artists and developed an appreciation for a diverse spectrum of techniques and artistic perspectives.

After pursuing an Arts and Culture degree at Brock University Kristen moved to Toronto, Canada where she attended Ontario College of Art and Design University, majoring in painting.

She lives in Toronto with her two energetic children, and a playful dog.

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