M. Uler  

Portrait painting of young child looking over their shoulder with a yellow with black patterned snake looking up at them.

Girl with a Serpent

Oil on canvas

Online only


I paint oil portraits in the style of realism and strive to create an atmosphere with strong emotional connection, allowing the image to reveal the story behind the subject. These stories are ongoing themes that I draw upon from my own personal experiences with mental health.

The vulnerable child gazes out into a landscape that is dark and ominous, a child of poverty and abuse.  A serpent lies waiting and staring at the child, seemingly poised to strike at any moment.  In some cultures, the serpent represents both life force and fertility but here it also represents death.  Even her youth can not mask the long suffering she has experienced and endured.  Her eyes bear witness to this and no longer reflect the life of her surroundings or the light of the day.


M. Uler is a self-taught Toronto artist who pushes the boundaries of her comfort zones to explore feelings of vulnerability from exposure to unpredictable situations.  Although she has no formal training, she has always felt the call to make art. After a long hiatus, she has been reconnecting with the creative part of herself.  Through her visual work, she deviates from the safety of a career in IT to take a leap of faith to explore what it means to open doors into the unknown, even if just a crack.  


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