Mustafa Khan

1. Imagination
2. Sleep
3. Uncertainty and cold feet
4. Shrouded introspection
5. Dreaming under the Weight of time
6. Curiosity waking up

mixed-media on paper

variable sizes 

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“A diapause is seen when a caterpillar goes into a cocoon to transform into a butterfly. I find that people also go into different states of pause which helps them transform. For people the process of diapause is internal. The 6 images you see are depicting the conditions when people come to a diapause.

We experience a diapause when we sleep. And as we go into the diapause of sleep, time slows down to a snail's pace. When we begin to imagine and eventually dream, sleep transforms us slowly each time we enter this pause.

A diapause can also come from being uncomfortable, or from an unfavorable environment like being shrouded in thorns. And moments where we are caught in uncertainty.

A person is able to break away from this angst when they pause and go into their imagination as depicted by the two fairies flying above a resting head.

We are all visited by sleep with wisdom perched on their shoulder. The hour glass flips and we wake up and ruffle on. Never fully realizing our dreams which fall away like dried leaves but they transform us and make us curious nonetheless.”


Mustafa Khan
is a recently licensed social worker in Canada, an achievement he is most proud of. Being born in Pakistan and having moved abroad, he aspires to return home and work in promoting and facilitating mental health in Pakistan.

He has been inspired to paint and draw by his sisters and mother who’s love and encouragement has shown him to respect and appreciate art for its ability to address and dismantle oppression in society. His father has also been a pillar of support by giving him the strength to follow his passions. It is with these privileges and the nurturing support of his partner that he is able to put pencil to paper and morph figures that twist and turn and illustrate inner turmoils of a human being. Mustafa’s wishes his art can raise questions about the current state of society and in doing so promote safety and acceptance of the diverse cultures and people that make up the world.  

Artist Instagram: @mustafakhan1631

Mustafa Khan will be exhibiting as part of the Diapause group show May 17 - 31. 


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