Natasha Martin

Galaxy Bowl #1

Porcelain (sculpture)


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-14
Proceeds will be donated to Daily Bread Food Bank


As someone who has struggled with mental health since my teens, pottery has become a meditative and therapeutic practice of gratitude and centering myself in my body. It’s one of the few times my brain is ‘quiet’.

My galaxy bowl series depicts the complexity of our ‘inner worlds’. Thrown on the wheel, each porcelain bowl is as unique as the person holding it. The raw, unglazed exterior {our human form} houses a richly glazed interior {a constellation of our experiences, traumas, fears, passions, goals, memories}.


Natasha was formally introduced to the ceramic arts through esteemed Pakistani potter Sheherezade Alam, whom she met in 1985 while she and her family were living in Lahore (‘84/’85).

Upon learning that Alam had moved to Toronto, Natasha leaped at the opportunity to study with the renowned artist and attended several of her workshops at Toronto’s Arcadia Co-Op in 1997.

After a 20+ year hiatus, Natasha returned to pottery in 2019 and started classes at Inspirations Studio – a ceramic-based program for women and non-binary people who have experienced first-hand the impacts of poverty, marginalization, mental health, and/or homelessness. A social enterprise, Inspirations Studio offers workshops to the public to generate funds for core programming. With the onset of COVID, the studio shuttered its doors temporarily, putting an end to community classes.

For her 50th birthday in December 2020, Natasha’s closest friends pooled their resources and gifted her a pottery wheel. Since then, Natasha has continued her practice from her small ‘studio’ in her apartment.

Born in Montreal, Natasha has lived most of her life in Ontario. She now lives in Toronto with her two teen sons – and her pottery wheel. When inspired, she writes prose which she sometimes shares on the Instagram account.

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