Radha Bhagat

Abstract painting of blue, orange, yellow, pink swirls.

I Listen To Too Much Bedroom Pop 1



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This particular piece is the first in a 6-piece series that focus on embodying the energy I felt at their completion. The composition is bolder and brighter than the ones that follow it, awakening instead of lulling. There is movement in its form and there is movement around it. The best way I can describe this piece and the majority of my portfolio is that regardless of how many times I look at them, I know how much peace they brought me and will continue to bring me. And if even just one person can feel and see what I feel and see, then I have succeeded in putting back into the world what I take from it.


Born in England in 1994, I am a South Asian artist currently based in Toronto. I attended the University of British Columbia and graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Art History. Mostly self-taught, I work with acrylics, pastels, and ink. Passionate about using the creation of art as a form of therapy and emotional healing, I use bright, expressive colours and bold brushstrokes to create a timestamp of my energy.

I am inspired by the skies I see through my windows, the auras of the people I love and cherish, and the perseverance of humanity during these difficult times. While I aspire to one day work as an artist full-time, I currently prefer to enjoy the act of creation, to leave behind the chaos and constant move-move-move of today’s society.

I want to slowly eradicate stress and anxiety and tension from both my physical body and my mental state of being. If I had to say I had a goal for my art, it would be to give my audience a reprieve from the pretentiousness and almost forceful interpretive nature of contemporary art and trends.

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