Robin Ashley Jones

Colourful painting of two people walking by a grocery store.


Water soluable oils with house paint


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-14


Based on a series of photographs taken more than twenty years ago focusing on vegan foods in a thriving cultural mosaic, this painting is a snapshot in time of a place in Chinatown, Toronto, CANADA, between his school and Home.

The painting belongs to a large series of paintings based on markets where Fruits and vegetables and vegans food are available. The artist reworked the painting in 2021 and painted over the name of the street on the sign in the painting as it belongs to a series of names and public monuments celebrating slavery, misery, and death which do not belong in a city of different nationalities and peoples from all over the planet.

The road the Artist embarked upon to school also led to a giant institution named after another Slave-trader and tyrant. The names of these institutions and roads and monuments need to be changed and taken down immediately as the longer they stay the more pain is felt.


Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA, 1978

to TORONTO in 1997

O.C.A.D.U. in 2012 with a B.F.A. in drawing & painting

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