Sam Waters

little, carry on, self help, self care, pick me up zine

Print on biodegradable seed paper
1.5x3.5 ed.16


Exhibiting in the gallery April 1-14


"little, carry on, self help, self care, pick me up zine " was created to encourage self love, hope and support.

Carry a little self care reminder to help you grow.

"it's okay to have feelings"

"it's okay to have mental health"

It uses gardening and plants as a pep talk to learn how to grow and pick up on your everyday. offering us a sense of relief to recover and reflect with a gentle reminder to find your ground to plant a seed, hydrate with water, and shine your brightest with sunlight.

Make note of your feelings and know "it's okay", reflect on where you are and where you are going. Pick up the zine for a moment, maybe make a mark or come back to it later. slowly, but surely watch yourself grow and transform like a plant.

"you are beautiful, you are strong, you are worth, beleaf in you"

"you are not alone, it's okay to have mental health"

The artwork is a mini trifold brochure, that uses a zine approach as a self help tool to celebrate our growing pains and our perfectly imperfect world. It offers us an outlet to blur the lines between artist and therapist in means to bring awareness to mental health.

The work touches upon my own journey with mental health and realizing .."you are not alone, and that it's okay to not be okay, and it's okay to have mental health".


Sam Waters is an emerging artist with a multidisciplinary practice primarily in mixed media. She is also a recent graduate from OCAD University, and is currently based in Toronto. Her works explore re-imagining narratives and memories, to offer a sense of belonging, healing and support.

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