Serene Illustrations

Illustration of crying naked body with melting skin holding an open book and five flames above its head.

Words Unread



Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


I grew up without being taught how to communicate my emotions and cope with trauma. I always wished I was articulate enough to write what was troubling me and explain why sometimes I felt broken.

Perhaps if I had the right words, I could fill a library of untold stories about the inner parts of me. But the words never form, so I hold them inside until they burn out and melt off of me, and become words that have no meaning at all. These are the words that will stay unread and will let the silence speak in it’s place.


Serene is a Chinese-Canadian creative and an expert daydreamer, who utilizes her passion in storytelling to produce digital and traditional imagery that provokes child-like wonder and captures nostalgia. Her work draws on her interest in mental health, East Asian history and mythology, and all things fantasy.

Serene has worked as a freelance traditional painter and digital illustrator for 6 years, supporting other independent musicians, writers, and artists. She strives to create awareness in the beauty of Asian cultures and otherwise marginalized communities.

Alongside her art, Serene's versatile background includes her highly-proficient academic education in business and years of entrepreneurial experience exemplified in three of her start-up businesses. When she isn’t painting, you can find Serene working with her hands- sewing, making resin crafts, and thrift flipping.

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