A rug of a cat face on white background.


tufted embroidery on fabric


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28

Colourful image of a rug of a person with long brown hair and a crown and two tigers surrounding their head on a white background.

A Forest For Maria Lionza

tufted and hand embroidery on fabric


Exhibiting in the gallery April 15-28


Fluff: The first of a series of cats made with acrylic yarn and a tufting gun, Fluff was inspired by early cartoons from the 1920s and Summer colours, nature, and the unusual way cats see us.

A Forest for Maria Lionza: Maria Lionza is a sacred figure for many Venezuelans, the cult towards this mystical and mythical woman has fascinated me, and now, thousands of miles away from the mountain where her devotees gather, in my own and honest way I praise the protector of our flora and fauna


Suma (Susana Meza) (she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist from Venezuela who creates hand-crafted sculptures, textiles, drawings, and paintings that help the artist cope with the world around and inside.

Suma’s work is infused with intentional happiness and responds to their recovery journey and lived experience of addiction, mental health, mourning, migration, multicultural identity, and the ever-constant exploration of the inner light.

Suma works on their art practice and also serves as an arts facilitator, certified peer-support worker, and currently, is a Newcomer Artist Ambassador for MABELLEarts, board of directors of the North York Women Centre, a member of Workman Arts’ Member Advisory Committee, an XOXO Downsview Jury Member, and the founder of

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