Tina Guo

Breaking the Ice

Oil and graphite on linen over panel
16 x 20”


Breaking the Ice

The pond is awkward in spring
when the rain pokes pores into its frozen skin.

When the temperature rises,
its pores deepen into a teenager’s pores.
Its skin thins into a teenager's skin.

A girl comes to jump up and down on the pond.
It sweats and shivers every time she lands,
shy because it doesn’t have anything good to say.

Then she slips and falls and the ice almost cracks!
Little springs wet her palms and knees.

Warming the Seeds

Oil, graphite, and soft pastel on linen over panel
12 x 9"


A bald person is wearing a beaded hat, the kind I wore as a little girl growing up in Ürümqi, China. The beaded hats I wore are usually made with plastic pearls or gems, but this one is made with seeds. The bald person bends down and licks the seeds against the ground.  When the seeds have enough warmth and moisture, they start to grow roots.


Tina Guo
(b. 2001, Ürümqi, China) is an artist and writer living between Berlin and Toronto. They are interested in filling and being filled — eating, dwelling, burying, making love — how our bodies can transform into vessels that carry one another and the environment at large. They have printed and sold two collections of writings and paintings, The Sky The Well and Ravine, and have recently shown work with The Plumb at Art Toronto.

Artist Website:  tina-guo.com
Artist Instagram: @tinaguoart

Tina Guo will be exhibiting as part of the Diapause group show May 17 - 31. 


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